Pleasing People at work

When things go wrong for someone, its becomes a routine that they start paying attention to the ones around them. Their attention continues to grow extensively on those they consider to be their competitor.

At times there is a necessity to work in accordance with the ones around you. There can be times that you may have to compromise on your very own principles, where you don’t have a choice but conform to the decision that someone else make, be happy about something that you really aren’t happy about.

Truth is, you cannot always be good. There is a difference between being empathetic and pleasing someone. Being empathetic means that you put yourself into the shoes of someone and try taking their point of view, but pleasing people means that you act as a good one to every one around you without even giving a thought if it is correct or wrong.

Psychologically, when someone accepts something that they feel dreadful about affects their happiness. It doesn’t mean that you have to shout out saying no, but overdoing this might make to do so once – Screaming NO to something you are not happy about. This is the result of overdoing it. Below are a few tips that one can follow to ensure that they overcome this phase

  1. Take it slow, there is no necessity that you inculcate immediately – Conforming to reality is no easy deal, it takes its own sweet time
  2. Try saying No, practice it – It is not as easy as it sounds
  3. Take help – There is nothing wrong in walking through this phase holding a hand
  4. Understand that Change is constant – This is the ground rule of Change Management 
  5. Take your stand no matter what, but choose the empathizing way – There is nothing wrong in taking your stand, but the way you express it matters
  6. Choose the right sentences to prove your point – This is the final step, choosing the right words is the key to get this communication to work

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