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My little Nest

via Daily Prompt: Nest

Home swweeet home, a small nest with just us!

For a lot of people, having a place on their own for themselves is an achievement. A place that they can be themselves, not worried about the people around, not bothered about the routine work, spending time for themselves, a place that can be called as their little nest.

For a lot of you, this might sound silly. But to many this is a dream or a milestone. To have led a life in control and containment, a life where you dream a lot but can never pursue, decisions that vanish into thin air, cultural values that were enforced among which you wonder why a lot of them are even being followed, boundaries drawn by others for almost everything, never being respected in one’s own family, always suppressed, treated as a burden and questioning every single penny spent.

Well, I definitely don’t mean those bound by love, I only mean those who are forced to be bounded by love. These are the ones that yearn for self respect. The ones that strongly hold to their shattered dreams and hopes. They search for guts to step out and be bold with every steps they take.

A lot of brave women do it. Shout out a loud at the face of the very crowd that thought of them as an ordinary woman. Once they realized the potential of the extraordinary woman, not many can stand against them.

Is this liberation? No

Is this feminism? No

Is it only for women? No

There are a lot of men sacrificing their lives. I don’t refer to the love between couples or women taking care of one’s parents , I refer to those siblings who toil day and night to ensure that they’re family girls are being provided for. Sisters and brothers who take this for granted. Those who refuse to work or don’t want to work but lead the best lives.

It’s high time for the society to stop thrusting this responsibility and take a deep look at this system. Is ruining someone’s life to make another one worth it??? It’s not love, it’s called imprisonment.

Until they come out their imprisonment all they can do is to dream for that freedom to have their own sweet nest!

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Succumb to Pressure – win it or lose it


Hey, are you married??? No, OMG get married soon, i’l pray to GOD that you find someone best!!!

How many years as it been after your marriage!! what?? no kids!!

Be obedient and pray to GOD, things will happen!

Girl child???? 

Why waste money on a girl??

OMG, she is in love?? get her married to someone immediately!!! This is a disgrace!!

Hey, stop being a burden, get married and leave them in peace!

At times, i realize that people around are so worried about our life, when they contributed 0% of goodness or in fact have contributed to anything to your life! But i wonder where they appear from, yet, they make their presence in the worst time ever.

A lot of women succumb to this unwanted talks that a few people think that they are devoted to. Social pressure impact a girl mentally curbing her from pursuing her dreams. Although education throws a larger light on this, the context of the subject still holds the literature content that supports this oppression. In fact, in a lot of remote places in this world, there is still a set of people who’s social system do not consider women’s privacy.

The design of our social strata has been composed in a pattern that women’s right to privacy or right to decisions have always been under radar and has always been subjected to questioning.

However, there has always been exception, one set of women who do not compromise on their value systems, well, times have changed. We make our lives with what we want and what we have learnt. Does it mean that we wouldn’t be able to adjust with our spouse? Not at all, how can not one adjust with their partner? and yes, it is when they find their partner, again of their choice!

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Cloaked skin colour

via Daily Prompt: Cloaked

Fair skin in 30 days

Beautiful fair complexion in 10 days

Atleast one in 10 advertisements focus on products that increase fairness, complexion and increase skin shade.

The most surprising factor here is that almost all of us (both men & women) know that it is impossible to lighten the skin complexion with anything external. Well, I’m not going to discuss about the scientific reasons behind this, which is definitely melanin but I would like to pen down the social pressure that lies beneath this trend.

For me, the ever beautiful skin color would always be Dusk. The unique shades in dusk has its own sensuality. The mix of vibrant colours to this has always been an epic show. I always find it to be stunning.

But for years, we have only been addictive towards fair skin. Our obsession has ended up with two sections of people. One, accepting what lies inside ; two, a major group notices only the external look.

I happened to meet a 17 year old girl who was very down and her enthusiasm went down to zero. She was lost and clearly was in need of help. She was just the opposite of how she was when I met her last time, she was a very bold, stylish and very brilliant girl. Every single girl in her class was jealous of her. However this time she was had put on a lot of weight and was looking like a different person. I went up to her, initiated my conversation and after which she opened up.

Turns out that she had auditioned for the role of queen in her school drama. She was brutally rejected and insulted by her teachers and school mates. She developed a very inferiority complex and forgot her identity. She was addicted to almost every single ads, tried every product in the market hoping that they would all change her misery

It took a while to get her back to herself, the teachers never helped but her sister did and somehow she was back to herself with fierce.

Like I always say, beauty is always misunderstood. In fact I think in a world where people’s thoughts are unpredictable , the only thing that keeps us going is by believing ourselves!

Is our skin colour that worth to demean someone???? Well, my opinion is explained in write up, time for you to think!

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Forest essentials Mysore sandalwood and Nagkesar Facial TreatmentMasque – Review

Forest essentials Mysore sandalwood and Nagkesar Facial Treatment Masque – Review

Forest essentials have a wide range of products that behold the luxury of wellness, In my recent visit to the store, i wanted to try out a face mask, so ended up buying this wonderful products, their products can be purchased at the Forest Essentials store or purchased online at




20171003_121701607608999.jpgPrice – Rs 1695


20171003_121739-1740430857.jpgThis is how the mask look like, a clay based mask in a very friendly tub packaging.

The mask is better used after a steam so that it can work effectively on open pores. I generally use it after scrubbing. The masque smells really good, and it makes the skin squeaky clean. It has a wonderful texture that is easy to handle. What i really love about this product is that it is time saving. You don’t really have to spend to much time on this, and is very useful for a person with busy schedule like me.


  • Clay based natural product
  • Leaves the skin clean
  • Feels fresh after each use


  • I really cannot think of any!!!


+++5, i would definitely love to repurchase it again

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, You are a fraud after all!

via Daily Prompt: Fraud

I took my time to understand the image that stood before me

I only find the one whose secrets are known only to me

What would happen if i go into the world of the mirror

but took back realizing that the reflection is an impostor

Heard of the long tales that said mirrors spoke the truth

yet i stumble on the resemblance of a person with no faith

Having heal my head on the skies

i out my my crown above my eyes

Had i seen what other saw

i might have not been so raw

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

You are a fraud after all!

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Tame the Shrew?? Really??

via Daily Prompt: Tame

Who is a shrew?

A bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman is called a Shrew.

The best way to understand its meaning is by either reading Shakespeare’s work – Taming of the Shrew play or by watching the film with the same title.

The first time, i was introduced to this play was in my English classes when i was in my 8th grade. From then on, i was fascinated by the style of work that Shakespeare portrayed, i loved the depth of all his plays. However, now after understanding the concept of equal rights i’m questioning  myself! How did i like this or become fond of this?

So is this write up an analysis of the play? Not at all, but is an analysis of how have we been perceiving that one set of women who have always been termed as Shrew and yes, taming them has always been the task of guys.

Unfortunately we live in a patriarchal society where women have only been seen as the cultural scapegoats. Out of curiosity, i wanted to check if there is any male version of the word shrew, to my surprise i couldn’t find any. Anger is common for all the species that are in this world, it is an emotion. Not sure why can it not be expressed by woman. An angry woman is never like by any one, oh yeah, men have their own regulations too but women has got so much on their heads that denies the basic right of a living being – Emotions.

I don’t support using force or violence to express one’s anger, it is definitely an emotion that imparts negativity on self and on those on whom it gets inflicted. I’m only against the restriction imposed on it. Who is termed to be a shrew in real life? Almost every woman who asks questions, stands up for herself, denies to adhere to a lot of norms that doesn’t make sense, questions why should she always wear a veil on top of her head, wonders what is wrong in speaking, why should she be the only person doing chores at home, why should she be married so early, questions why is the society so worried about her biological clock etc etc.

Taming is to domesticate. Are women prone to be domesticated? i was so baffled to watch the movie because the story line focused on the below

  1. Getting a woman marry which happened to be the biggest responsibility of a father
  2. A shrew can only get married to a drunkard
  3. Its absolutely okay for the dear husbands be rude to their wives to teach them a lesson
  4. An angry woman is never a gentle lady
  5. When dear husbands command a lady, she has to report immediately
  6. Not even one person has the brains to figure out the reason that the girl is angry

I cannot blame Shakespeare for this, after all he was part of the big lot that had like thoughts! The society that has been denying almost everything that a species require. When i say requirement, it is not just basic needs – Self Identity, decision making, independent and liberal minded.

Almost all the cultures in this world praise a woman’s beauty. For those women who are beautiful beyond words either get into power or become subjective to objectification. But those women who had only been focusing on internal beauty were given the title of perfect homemakers and were indirectly stopped from using their talents.

At least now we have come to live in a society where there is a sect of men who do disagree to associate the word tame to women and equally respect them, well, that’s the start!

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Believe: Up above the world beyond

via Daily Prompt: Believe

Sometimes, i find my daily routine mundane. Hoping to find something inpoiueqreiuteresting i wail away almost all the time that i have in my hand.

There was a time that i always ensured that i do something meaningful. But turns out that after my first failure i’ve only been seeing downs and the ups have gone way up; beyond my reach.

Is it difficult to lead a life that is so complicated – i did take a few moments before i penned down the word complicated. That happens to be the closest one that i could think of. Wen i looked into the word believe, it reminded me of a rhyme

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky

When the blazing sun is gone
When he nothing shines upon
Then you show your little light
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night
Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Today i think it has to be changed to promote positivism in their thoughts. In a state  of moment where embrace failures at every frequency as possible. Even a small word of negativism put us down. I was talking to a friend of mine who seemed to be very lost because almost everything that she had heard or spoke of was so upsetting. But when our conversation went a little deep, i realized that her thoughts were filled with every one’s opinion. When i questioned her about it, she didn’t have an answer, but said that that’s how important it is for her, because she believes that she is nothing without them.

Every one is us flaunt a style of our own. Be it our tone or our actions, our style can never be repeated. But a lot fail to show it out because of our fear for those around us. Believing in oneself brings about the best of us. Its important in trust in one’s hard work and enjoy the best of its result. It may not always result the way we want it to but it might end up giving you the best satisfaction in your mind for doing what we decided to do.

Believing oneself give you the strength to decide, How does it impact work? let’s discuss



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Superficial look

via Daily Prompt: Superficial

I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself

with every single disbelief

never really understood my image

I heard its supposed to grow with my age

Had i known that the change was a must

else i wouldn’t have been an outcast

well, i thought that what people see it superficial

but turns of that i was controversial

Being yourself is not easy as it sounds

but when one try, it has no bounds!


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Daily Prompt: Elastic Trust

via Daily Prompt: Elastic

It looks easy to experiment with one’s trust. Not many realize that elasticity doesn’t last long!

Trusting is a probability. One can never predict the longevity of trust. It is last as long as it in good hands. Unfortunately not many realize the practical meaning of trust.

To trust – is to put one’s faith on someone/something without questions. Well, it comes with a disclaimer, never expect the same from the one that you place your faith on. Because the proportionate value of trust can never be measured. This is the belief that i was convicted to.

Its a sad truth that hits many lives. Sadly it is the main factor of everything that evolves. I saw a small bird flying in rain towards its nest. The nest was built on a very weak that can be taken apart in a swing but something in that little birds heard there was a big pile of faith. After the rain, something prompted me to take a peep at the bird. To my surprise, the bird was happily chirping.

From that day on, i understood that Trust is something that is beyond my thoughts. Always holds surprises, well, to me it did teach something big

If things go right, take the risk to trust the ones around

When things go wrong, trust yourself, it has got a very strong elasticity!


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Sheer Genius!


Every human dream big!

Their dreams seem to be consuming almost all their time. Yet, they somehow manage to do their chores. Dreams is what has turned out to be a mode of happiness for a lot of us. Daydreaming – in psychological terms is not encouraged, but yes, a lot of men & women find solace in them.

Those women who have lost their happiness, lead their lives in misery waiting for the daily serials in order compare themselves with the characters shown ; dream that their lives to be the opposite of what is shown

Those women who are unable to bear with the curses and talks around them, that goes on against them for all that is called bad fortune

Those men & women who know that they are living in a crowd full of two faced friends yet don’t have a choice but holding to all those harsh words that are uttered deep in their hearts – crying

Those who have lost their identity to satisfy the standards that were set by an unseen society

Those who give up their actual dreams and regret every day dreaming of the life they yearn for

That guy who was called a failure

That girl who was called a failure

Those kids who were brutally abused

Those men who cry every minute, not knowing how to manage the money that is to be paid for an emergency

Those who live in the best of life that every one envies but yearn for every bit of love

Yes, they are complete genius(s)

It is a big art to smile with all their dreams trashed, live a false life when their actual presence is in their dreams!