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Believe: Up above the world beyond

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Sometimes, i find my daily routine mundane. Hoping to find something inpoiueqreiuteresting i wail away almost all the time that i have in my hand.

There was a time that i always ensured that i do something meaningful. But turns out that after my first failure i’ve only been seeing downs and the ups have gone way up; beyond my reach.

Is it difficult to lead a life that is so complicated – i did take a few moments before i penned down the word complicated. That happens to be the closest one that i could think of. Wen i looked into the word believe, it reminded me of a rhyme

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky

When the blazing sun is gone
When he nothing shines upon
Then you show your little light
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night
Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Today i think it has to be changed to promote positivism in their thoughts. In a state  of moment where embrace failures at every frequency as possible. Even a small word of negativism put us down. I was talking to a friend of mine who seemed to be very lost because almost everything that she had heard or spoke of was so upsetting. But when our conversation went a little deep, i realized that her thoughts were filled with every one’s opinion. When i questioned her about it, she didn’t have an answer, but said that that’s how important it is for her, because she believes that she is nothing without them.

Every one is us flaunt a style of our own. Be it our tone or our actions, our style can never be repeated. But a lot fail to show it out because of our fear for those around us. Believing in oneself brings about the best of us. Its important in trust in one’s hard work and enjoy the best of its result. It may not always result the way we want it to but it might end up giving you the best satisfaction in your mind for doing what we decided to do.

Believing oneself give you the strength to decide, How does it impact work? let’s discuss



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Sheer Genius!


Every human dream big!

Their dreams seem to be consuming almost all their time. Yet, they somehow manage to do their chores. Dreams is what has turned out to be a mode of happiness for a lot of us. Daydreaming – in psychological terms is not encouraged, but yes, a lot of men & women find solace in them.

Those women who have lost their happiness, lead their lives in misery waiting for the daily serials in order compare themselves with the characters shown ; dream that their lives to be the opposite of what is shown

Those women who are unable to bear with the curses and talks around them, that goes on against them for all that is called bad fortune

Those men & women who know that they are living in a crowd full of two faced friends yet don’t have a choice but holding to all those harsh words that are uttered deep in their hearts – crying

Those who have lost their identity to satisfy the standards that were set by an unseen society

Those who give up their actual dreams and regret every day dreaming of the life they yearn for

That guy who was called a failure

That girl who was called a failure

Those kids who were brutally abused

Those men who cry every minute, not knowing how to manage the money that is to be paid for an emergency

Those who live in the best of life that every one envies but yearn for every bit of love

Yes, they are complete genius(s)

It is a big art to smile with all their dreams trashed, live a false life when their actual presence is in their dreams!


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Fly high series – Perception

Behind every one’s action lies something called perception. Yes, our perception always matters. Over the past few weeks I’ve realized that most of the time we get judge people based on the very first few minutes that we meet someone, its also the perception that every one creates on a person.

This is the same thing that happens when someone new joins the organization. A new recruit is always seen as someone so odd in a crowd. Every single perception that those who were already part of the team earlier develops on the new person determines the stay of the new person. At times, one may feel that they are trapped in a box with so many eyes focusing on them.

However your identification and reputation is built by you , it is really important for others to make or at least come close to the image that you want to create. At a lot of times, we fail to understand the threshold between linking personal opinion with professional opinion. As long as you keep taking advise from people you would only be seen as someone who is in need of help.

This had happened to me once, in a mode of correcting myself i did a grave mistake to seeking advises from a lot of people who absolutely made no sense. All i could understand from the conversation is the level of their negative perception which turned out to be the straight opposite of what i really do. I then felt the utmost stupidity that came out of it, as all their advises were not encouraging me to move forward. All it really did was only make myself question myself on every single image that i created. You may get a question of why hadn’t i taken the feedback constructive. Truth is, none of them were.

Well, that is typically what happens when you raise your bars up. Maybe, i had thought too much about myself or that i have made myself a fool by creating an illusion about my image. Unfortunately, playing smart with your image is very important in a few platforms. Does it mean that you do not have to be honest – well, a big no, but there is a way to approach a negative image. Lets discuss, in our next post.