House of T

The House of T has gained a great deal of attention from the time of its inception. The house has been hosting many upcoming artists who have been enthusiastic about their participation. They have set up a great platform for various talents. Elementraits is happy to feature them in Today's 'Find of the Day'. Here's... Continue Reading →

My Wish List #2018

I started this year with a notion of exploring multiple things in life. I wanted to travel alone, explore alone, spend a day for myself, lose weight fast etc etc! My list doesn't seem to have a stop. Now that I take a pause to do a reality check, I've absolutely not done ANYTHING! In... Continue Reading →

Not a Damsel in distress anymore!!

The prince came riding on a beautiful horse and saved her! The king came in shining armor and saved her! The prince fought with the dragon valiantly and saved her! The damsel was saved! The age-old concept that all our little girls praise!! Fairy tales! Happily ever after!! Maybe that is why most of us... Continue Reading →

Pleasing People at work

When things go wrong for someone, its becomes a routine that they start paying attention to the ones around them. Their attention continues to grow extensively on those they consider to be their competitor. At times there is a necessity to work in accordance with the ones around you. There can be times that you... Continue Reading →

You are your own princess

Every painting has its own story A story that unfolds secrets and charm of its own Every woman is a painting Made of colors that has a power of its own A portrait that speaks of love and strength   The art that not many can understand Except the men who embrace this painting And... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Start

No point in regretting for things not learnt or left undone.. Start afresh, it's never too late Well, my very first post for 2018 🙂 Every time we think of the past year, a lot of us only think of the negatives that we have always been worrying about. I should be honest here, this... Continue Reading →

Believe: Up above the world beyond

via Daily Prompt: Believe Sometimes, i find my daily routine mundane. Hoping to find something inpoiueqreiuteresting i wail away almost all the time that i have in my hand. There was a time that i always ensured that i do something meaningful. But turns out that after my first failure i've only been seeing downs... Continue Reading →

Sheer Genius!

Genius Every human dream big! Their dreams seem to be consuming almost all their time. Yet, they somehow manage to do their chores. Dreams is what has turned out to be a mode of happiness for a lot of us. Daydreaming - in psychological terms is not encouraged, but yes, a lot of men &... Continue Reading →

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