Bigg Boss Tamil 2 | Conformity at its worst| Social ExperimentAnalysis

Be it workplace, classroom or in public, it is not unusual for us to see a group that is always together with likeness, seeming friendship and conformity to every thing that the group does - be it good or bad. The group leader initiates and creates a group by connecting with on one common interest.... Continue Reading →


How to deal with Narcissist at work

via Daily Prompt: Narcissism  Overconfident, Egoistic, Boastful, Arrogant, Manipulative, Selfish, Patronizing, Exercise of Power with dominance, Extremely demanding, an excessive need for admiration, Adamant, lack of empathy and consideration for other people. Heard of some one??? Does this ring a lot of bells ??? They are called Narcissists. Narcissist are always self-centered, arrogant in both thinking and... Continue Reading →

Not any more – #LetHerSpeak

She trembled As he touched her she couldn't scream because she believed that no one would believe her Even if she did - its her fault She couldn't tell that out Because everything she did or what happened to her is shame She doesn't have morality because she is in a relationship She is married she... Continue Reading →

Pleasing People at work

When things go wrong for someone, its becomes a routine that they start paying attention to the ones around them. Their attention continues to grow extensively on those they consider to be their competitor. At times there is a necessity to work in accordance with the ones around you. There can be times that you... Continue Reading →

You are your own princess

Every painting has its own story A story that unfolds secrets and charm of its own Every woman is a painting Made of colors that has a power of its own A portrait that speaks of love and strength   The art that not many can understand Except the men who embrace this painting And... Continue Reading →


love goes a long way I trembled when i realized that i didn't have time I shed tears when truth pricked the broken piece that i never appreciated you that i never found time for you I had always thought of what i'am i failed to remember what you are You had been my hope... Continue Reading →

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