Ces’t la vie!!!!

Well.. I quit my job recently. I’m a HRBP with 5 years of experience.

Owing to a few personal commitments, i just had to take a small break.

The last few days have been hectic, talking to friends and everyone that i know seeking their help and just then I realized how ‘UNAVAILABLE’ they were! but for some reason every one was available to give amazing advises, i had to taste that bitter side for once. But there were unexpected new friends and a few old friends who remind me when i’m down that i just have to take a few more steps

Lessons learnt:

#Never regret for this break, trust me – taking a break teaches you many things and it was amazingg! take at least 1 day for yourself from work

#Learn to say to no people henceforth but stay who you are

#Attitude stays the same, job is not your identity, you are!

#Stop them! Its OK, not necessary that you need to hear people’s advise if you don’t want to hear them

#Patience is the key – wait, you’ll learn the value of the money you have

#StopWorrying over the feedback you had received from your recruiter not necessarily it would be true, knock the next door

#Remember what happened to you, so you know how to treat another person when they are in your shoes

More than everything #BeCalm and #Breathe#life #job #work #money #people


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