In the Lone Roads of Lemuria – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Bits and pieces here and there!


Just then Sandeep came down to John’s desk and saw the doctor.

‘Hey Doc, you were really quick! You seem to have finished the autopsy in such a short time, but can I ask you a question? The last three paragraph in the report – is it true?’

‘Yup, this is the first time that I have even seen a case like this, in fact I feel sorry for that girl, poor thing. Whoever her killer is, must have been a sadistic sociopath’ Rajneesh continued, ‘I’m so concerned, I don’t think that I can ever send my daughter out alone, GOD save these young women’

John looked at them confused, he just heard what the doctor had said and didn’t really read the report completely, ‘ what are you guys talking about, I’m sorry I haven’t read the report yet’

Rajneesh leaned onto the table for support ‘ Just as she was dying, a tool was used in her private part to induce an orgasm. This rushed her blood flow and the blood was pumped out from her vein, the tool must have been a vibrator, the process of embalming was also initiated at this stage that must have wreaked a pain that must have been intense that being burnt’

His voice broke and continued ‘She died of multiple organ failure. She was subjected to humiliation and despair that one can never imagine when she was alive’. There was a small drop of tear at the corner of his eyes. Rajneesh had never felt this agony while handling any case before.

John and Sandeep were too filled with deep agony, she was just a young girl. Someone who went to school with their girls and ended up like this.

‘John, no matter what happens, I want to catch this piece of shit and ensure that he gets the capital punishment and rot in jail’ Sandeep said in a stern voice.

John gathered himself up and pulled out the white board and wrote down all the questions he had in his mind.

‘Doc, let me know once your final investigation is over. Sandeep, shall we please head down to her school, we must formally inform to her parents to proceed with the formalities.


John and Sandeep reached the school.

They went up to the principal’s office and broke the news. Father Antony and Sister Agnes were devastated.

‘I don’t know what to say, who can do this to a child? She was just a baby, a grown-up child’ Sister Agnes cried.

‘She was our responsibility and she was a good student; she didn’t deserve this!’ Father Antony was shocked.

John pulled a chair next to him, ‘Father, I know its difficult, but we need a few answers. Could you please help us with her parent’s details?’

While John had a chat with the principal, Sandeep tried gathering information from the vice principal. Later they took turns in questioning all the students and teachers around.

After gathering as much as information they could, they called Anu’s father to disclose the news and requested him to come down for identification and headed back to their office.

(At their office)

John and Sandeep settled themselves in Sandeep’s room. Sandeep had a separate room as he was the DA representing this case. They ensured that all the necessities were taken care – coffee, board and case files.

‘Sandeep, did you look at the girl’s dorm? That is where Anu stayed’ John questioned

‘No John, the school was against the fact of a man checking the lady’s dorm, also, that dorm is filled with the richest kids we could find, so I couldn’t get a warrant’ Sandeep said in dismay.

‘Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of lady cops around, we can’t even deploy them as we do not have a warrant’ John sighed

Ta ta ta daaaaa!!!,

(Bamm slammed the door)

Lesha jumped at John and put her arms around him.

Hannah followed, sat down and put her head on the table to sleep.

John pushed Lesha off and told Sandeep ‘ Aren’t you her brother?? You are supposed to stop her!’

‘Why should I? the entire world knows you guys are in a relationship, do I have a say? Lucky you!’ Sandeep replied taking a deep breath looking at Hannah.

Hannah stood up elegantly, walked up to the door, closed it and threw the books in the table screaming ‘ BORINGGGGG’

‘I want to quit; this is not the job that I liked. I want to do forensics, I want to search for stuffs, examine and analyse, why do I need a theory class?’

‘yeahhh!!’ Lesha continued the conversation ‘I want to do real time work, how about an undercover cop???’

Sandeep looked at John and said ‘ What an idea, Sir ji !! ‘

John understood the idea and denied saying ‘You gotta be kidding me bro!’. Sandeep somehow tried convincing him, the girls didn’t understand a word as the boys were talking in signs among themselves.

Hannah lost her patience ‘what idea are you guys talking about?? You guys are literally using your own language, can someone please explain!’

Without John’s approval, Sandeep answered ‘We have a job for you girls, if you do well, we will ensure that we include you in our ongoing case’

The girls were exited without doubt.

John had no other choice as well ‘Sandeep and I will present the case details to you girls and will let you know what you would be doing’

John briefed them about the forensic report, the girls took a pause to accept the cruelty but put on a brave face and continued listening.

Sandeep informed them of what was the first-hand information that they had collected.

‘ANU – Student of class 15 A. Extremely good in arts and had won many accolades for school, so was appointed as the school’s arts teacher and was freelancing in a local art gallery. Her parents were NRIs. Her dad was one of the leading corporate Lawyer abroad. Her parents are getting a divorce, so neither of them kept tab of what she was up to. Her monthly pocket money is just 3 Lakh. (Everyone gasped – well, that was big money).

According to the teachers, students, principal and the vice principal, she was a sweet, quiet and goal-oriented kid. The Vice Principal did not know how she got out of the school. All she knows was that she did not return to hostel. The elite kids are usually allowed to take a break from hostel and stay outside for a day max but inform if there is an extension for more than a day. But in Anu’s case there was no information and her mobile was switched off’.

Hannah stopped Sandeep ‘ What about the art gallery?’

Sandeep continued ‘ That’s where we want you girls to pitch in, not even one person knew where the art gallery was nor did anyone know where she stayed outside when she went out, we weren’t able to check her room because she stayed at the elite hostel and there other rich kids as well. We will need a warrant. So, we want you girls to check it out.’

Lesha – ‘Bro, leave it to us. Hannah and I will sneak in, but just ensure that we do not get caught in the cameras, I know a way to get in’.

Hannah – ‘What, how?? Besides these rooms have electronic locks. If someone forgets their key, then it must be activated from the control system, which is in the principal’s office’

Sandeep – ‘Leave that to me – professional hacking master!’

John – ‘So, its all set, lets go to the school today and you girls can check out the room, we’ll help you out, now let’s get something to eat’



Elsewhere in the city.

It was a residential area where people do not bother about what happens outside. Even if they find something suspicious, they would stay indoors.

At 12.15 AM, a black luxurious car stopped by with loud music. No one knew who these kids were, they were spoilt boys who spent their time drinking, smoking and taking drugs and did every crap of work that they could do. The patrol police have never really questioned them.

The 4 boys enjoyed the loud music and spent their time doing their usual stuff when suddenly the streetlights went off. It didn’t matter to them as their car lights was on.

One of them stepped out and said, ‘I need to go pee dude’. He got out of the car and walked a little further in the dark.

Just as he turned, finishing his business, something was sprayed on his face.

Meanwhile, the three boys in the car waited for him for more than 10 minutes and called out ‘William, how long are you planning to take’.

They stepped out to look for him as there wasn’t any reply, they kept calling his phone and could hear it ring inside the car, they kept searching but he was nowhere to be found!


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