Why ElemenTraits????


Many actually did raise this question to me. Why did i choose my blog’s title to be  Elementraits?

As the name goes, Elements mean the characteristics of something as a whole and Traits means a distinguishing quality of something. Yes, i do understand both the meanings are similar but one cannot deny the fact that elements denote almost anything and everything that is around us, where as traits explains the specifics.

This blog is an original, i do like to share with the ones who read my blog the factual attributes of all the topics that is being discussed here.

While it does explore the avenues and the roads that my mind wishes to take, some may find it a little deep, yet this is for just reminding all the best moments in life or just let people know that there are a few concepts that are around us, that is so elementary, still might turn out to be something that can be given a thought.

Be in workplace health, psychology, beauty or emotions, they are part of our lives and it is important that we give it a thought once in a while. Not many have always taken the sweet path to find their identity, but its never late to find the positives that help us to cross the tough path!

And yeah, treat the paths that meet us with practicality.

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