love goes a long way I trembled when i realized that i didn't have time I shed tears when truth pricked the broken piece that i never appreciated you that i never found time for you I had always thought of what i'am i failed to remember what you are You had been my hope... Continue Reading →


Confess – A story untold

via Daily Prompt: Confess Starry nights Sounds from far away A lone street A walk by herself Like a movie thoughts flashed before her She felt the cold air The wind brushing through her hair As she remembered tears came down from her eyes Truth is heavy But there is a deep hole in it... Continue Reading →

My little Nest

via Daily Prompt: Nest Home swweeet home, a small nest with just us! For a lot of people, having a place on their own for themselves is an achievement. A place that they can be themselves, not worried about the people around, not bothered about the routine work, spending time for themselves, a place that... Continue Reading →

Superficial look

via Daily Prompt: Superficial I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself with every single disbelief never really understood my image I heard its supposed to grow with my age Had i known that the change was a must else i wouldn't have been an outcast well, i thought that what people see... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Elastic Trust

via Daily Prompt: Elastic It looks easy to experiment with one's trust. Not many realize that elasticity doesn't last long! Trusting is a probability. One can never predict the longevity of trust. It is last as long as it in good hands. Unfortunately not many realize the practical meaning of trust. To trust - is... Continue Reading →

Pamper_with love

via Daily Prompt: Pamper She felt the lonesome wind touching her with a soft sound she wished her dreams come true hoped that life would give her a clue she missed the hand that held her the love that shaped her the kindness that made her smile the care that has gone beyond mile the... Continue Reading →

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