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Mirror Mirror on the wall, You are a fraud after all!

via Daily Prompt: Fraud

I took my time to understand the image that stood before me

I only find the one whose secrets are known only to me

What would happen if i go into the world of the mirror

but took back realizing that the reflection is an impostor

Heard of the long tales that said mirrors spoke the truth

yet i stumble on the resemblance of a person with no faith

Having heal my head on the skies

i out my my crown above my eyes

Had i seen what other saw

i might have not been so raw

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

You are a fraud after all!

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Superficial look

via Daily Prompt: Superficial

I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself

with every single disbelief

never really understood my image

I heard its supposed to grow with my age

Had i known that the change was a must

else i wouldn’t have been an outcast

well, i thought that what people see it superficial

but turns of that i was controversial

Being yourself is not easy as it sounds

but when one try, it has no bounds!


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Daily Prompt: Elastic Trust

via Daily Prompt: Elastic

It looks easy to experiment with one’s trust. Not many realize that elasticity doesn’t last long!

Trusting is a probability. One can never predict the longevity of trust. It is last as long as it in good hands. Unfortunately not many realize the practical meaning of trust.

To trust – is to put one’s faith on someone/something without questions. Well, it comes with a disclaimer, never expect the same from the one that you place your faith on. Because the proportionate value of trust can never be measured. This is the belief that i was convicted to.

Its a sad truth that hits many lives. Sadly it is the main factor of everything that evolves. I saw a small bird flying in rain towards its nest. The nest was built on a very weak that can be taken apart in a swing but something in that little birds heard there was a big pile of faith. After the rain, something prompted me to take a peep at the bird. To my surprise, the bird was happily chirping.

From that day on, i understood that Trust is something that is beyond my thoughts. Always holds surprises, well, to me it did teach something big

If things go right, take the risk to trust the ones around

When things go wrong, trust yourself, it has got a very strong elasticity!


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Pamper_with love

via Daily Prompt: Pamper

She felt the lonesome wind

touching her with a soft sound

she wished her dreams come true

hoped that life would give her a clue

she missed the hand that held her

the love that shaped her

the kindness that made her smile

the care that has gone beyond mile

the confidence that gave her everything

her needs supplied with the best thing

she missed all that pamper

that her mom gave her

she remembered that eyes

that never hid behind any guise

She longed for all that pamper

Filled with love, always owned by a mother!

A pamper with love..