House of T

The House of T has gained a great deal of attention from the time of its inception. The house has been hosting many upcoming artists who have been enthusiastic about their participation. They have set up a great platform for various talents. Elementraits is happy to feature them in Today’s ‘Find of the Day’.

Here’s what the founder Thomas Davis got to say.

‘It has been nearly a year since I started House of T to promote amateur artists who are starting out and looking out for venue spaces to perform at. This small venture that started off as a Kickstarter so that people are exposed to the talents from Chennai has grown from doing a single busking show a month – where a hat collection is done at the end of the set, to about 4-7 shows in a month with curated sets, open mics, and the occasional bar scenes… all to promote upcoming artists in the fields of music, dance, stand-up comedy, theatre, storytelling, poetry, etc.

We started as a one-man crew, and now we have grown to a 3-member team, Anushka, who handles our epically, always growing Social Media presence, Mrithika, who does all the beautiful design work you see on our Instagram page and me. You can check out our Instagram page by clicking the link below:


From here, we have grown to collaborate with various venue spaces such as Secret Society, CreaStudios, Zostel, and Planet Education. We have also tied up with the Chennai chapter of a nationwide group that promotes poetry called Mockingbirds for slam poetry and spoken word open mics in Chennai.

We have also ventured out of Chennai and begun the House of T movement across South India with our first venture to Kerala in Fort Kochi in March 2019 and have done our second show in May of this year. To keep the Kochi wave running on a monthly basis, we have tied up with a group in Kochi that is on a similar path to us called “The heART” who will be running our events in Kerala from June onwards.’

So, The House of T, is now expanding for which they have started a crowdfunding page!.

Tom added,

‘We started with a bare minimum equipment of a guitar amp and a mic (borrowed from friends) to slowly buy pieces one by one… we now have mics, mic stands, a guitar amp, and small 3-channel mixer, and guitar and mic cables.

Although we have patched together these pieces, we are still renting a lot of the equipment, our biggest expenditure per show basis. We also feel that the equipment in hand is just not doing justice for our wonderful artists… and we wanted to build more and get better equipment so that our sound for our artists is the best they can get!

For this, we have started a fundraising campaign to raise a bare minimum of INR 1,00,000 to get a few missing pieces from our equipment list. Below are the pieces we are looking at

• Speakers and Stage monitors
• Amplifier
• 10 Channel Mixer
• Mics and cables + stands

The amount we raise together will go to buying this equipment. The remaining balance will be distributed among our busking artists with whom we started this journey of showcasing India’s crazy talented upcoming artists!

You can click on the link below and share in our little venture of helping our artists, or if you know someone who would be…

Above all, I hope you support your local artists, whatever part of the world you are in! The struggle is real to get to where your favorite artists are today! The best way to help them is by supporting the art and attending their shows! You, the fans, mean the world to us! And every time you turn up.. you make us want to do this all the more!’

This is an amazing initiative, and we would also like to support them. Please find below the link where you can help them.

Please share this message as widely as possible!


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