Fighting through Life!

When everything around is messed up

No strength to go on, All I did is to fight myself

When people put me down . I lost myself

People thought I’m wrong

I doubted myself , Fought myself

Just when I was alone

I searched those ‘People’, they were no where to be seen

I still blamed myself

Once I got tired and bored

For once I wanted to do something different

This time – I fought for myself

When everyone chose right, I chose left

I became stronger

All I did was to stare back at those eyes

Those who didn’t know what I went through

Mocked me expecting me to be sportive

Now they stopped and became tired

Keep fighting for yourself – No one else will do it for you

Don’t you ever give up, give it back

People call you mean – don’t care

People say you lack social skills – you are better

Trust me – this is just a beginning, you are not alone

This world has got people like you

A strong fighter and you will find one who will help you fight!


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