Cloaked skin colour

via Daily Prompt: Cloaked Fair skin in 30 days Beautiful fair complexion in 10 days Atleast one in 10 advertisements focus on products that increase fairness, complexion and increase skin shade. The most surprising factor here is that almost all of us (both men & women) know that it is impossible to lighten the skin... Continue Reading →

Tame the Shrew?? Really??

via Daily Prompt: Tame Who is a shrew? A bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman is called a Shrew. The best way to understand its meaning is by either reading Shakespeare's work - Taming of the Shrew play or by watching the film with the same title. The first time, i was introduced to this play... Continue Reading →

Believe: Up above the world beyond

via Daily Prompt: Believe Sometimes, i find my daily routine mundane. Hoping to find something inpoiueqreiuteresting i wail away almost all the time that i have in my hand. There was a time that i always ensured that i do something meaningful. But turns out that after my first failure i've only been seeing downs... Continue Reading →

Superficial look

via Daily Prompt: Superficial I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself with every single disbelief never really understood my image I heard its supposed to grow with my age Had i known that the change was a must else i wouldn't have been an outcast well, i thought that what people see... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Elastic Trust

via Daily Prompt: Elastic It looks easy to experiment with one's trust. Not many realize that elasticity doesn't last long! Trusting is a probability. One can never predict the longevity of trust. It is last as long as it in good hands. Unfortunately not many realize the practical meaning of trust. To trust - is... Continue Reading →

Sheer Genius!

Genius Every human dream big! Their dreams seem to be consuming almost all their time. Yet, they somehow manage to do their chores. Dreams is what has turned out to be a mode of happiness for a lot of us. Daydreaming - in psychological terms is not encouraged, but yes, a lot of men &... Continue Reading →

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