Not any more – #LetHerSpeak

She trembled

As he touched her

she couldn’t scream

because she believed that no one would believe her

Even if she did – its her fault

She couldn’t tell that out

Because everything she did or what happened to her is shame

She doesn’t have morality because she is in a relationship

She is married she cant be raped

She is married twice so she cant talk about chaste

Her marriage broke she is characterless

She doesn’t wear a dupatta – she is provoking everyone

She talks back because she holds pride that she is earning

She comes at night – she is not a good woman

He looks at you??? why did you look at him!!

you went out dressed like that?? My family’s name is ruined

You are tooo thin

You are sooo fat

You are very fair

You are very dark

she had a big mouth – She deserves it

She rejected him – She deserves it

Apply oil in her head she anyways looks ugly

Tonsure her hair

whip her

Tie her up and beat her

there is nothing wrong – you are correcting her

GET HER MARRIED to the man of your choice

Men in the family beat – that’s how you teach her a lesson


If the man is an outsider – it was her fault

If it was at night – Her fault

Little girl – She went out to play

School girl – They sent her to school

Socially active – She asked for it

Socially not active – She was punished for something she has done

someone from the family – she is making a drama

Husband raped her – It is sacred you are his property! she shouldn’t even say it out

Child birth – it is your duty!

why is she talking about it?? Doesn’t she have shame??

she doesn’t realize that she is a woman – it is her duty!!!

Enough is enough!

are you still not done

if you think like all these mentioned above – you are the one at fault

it is your thoughts that teaches your little boys to talk and little girls to be quiet

She needs to keep things to herself, she must adjust, she has to take care of her family

Not any more – #LetHerSpeak

If you cant handle it – GROW UP






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