You are your own princess

princess poem

Every painting has its own story

A story that unfolds secrets and charm of its own

Every woman is a painting

Made of colors that has a power of its own

A portrait that speaks of love and strength


The art that not many can understand

Except the men who embrace this painting

And yes, It is time

To walk hand in hand with the one you want

Take the steps that you had always wanted to


Sail your boat into the sea of wonders

Swag that confidence and style you have

Boast the pride that you are a woman

Stand up, pamper the ones around you with all surprises

Carry your bags, you don’t need any ones help


All you need is the will to do it by yourself

That you rise up and unfold your wings

You don’t need a prince charming

You are not a damsel in distress

You are your own princess!!!


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