Not a Damsel in distress anymore!!

The prince came riding on a beautiful horse and saved her!

The king came in shining armor and saved her!

The price fought with the dragon valiantly and saved her!

The damsel was saved!

The age old concept that all our little girls praise!! Fairy tales! Happily ever after!!

May be that is the reason why most of us feel the extreme pain of dismay when things don’t go as planned. We lose ourselves, furnish our thinking with every bit of negativity that we find – either accept your so called fate continue sulking inside or show everyone that you are so ill fated. Very few realize that it is part and parcel of life, gather themselves up and move on.

Unfortunately, by the time they move on, they hit their late 20’s and all the bitterness that they had experienced in life turn themselves into a mature WOMAN. All the bitter experiences are not always expressed as most of them wouldn’t fall into the societal standards. Because we have a very strong base that has been built on the grounds of the image that is created on screen which is still being continued.

Women in movies always run to a man for help. There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking help, but most of the time, it is a man who becomes a hero! Very few movies show women fighting and standing up for themselves. In fact, an independent woman in movies is egoistic, completely opposite to our Indian standards and possess all qualities that allows a man to change her by bullying, teaching/preaching her a lesson and such woman do not treat the boys parents well.

I so wish to drag such people to reality and give them a whack on their head. All they have to do is to observe the women from their family. The heros on screen fight against the so called evil people created for the story but women fight every bit of evil created by our society. The evil that still looks down on those who wear make up and go to work at night, the ogling eyes around that scans them every minute, the standards that doesn’t even allow them to feel their emotions, the social stigma of sticking to women only job, teaching kids is mom’s responsibility and showing little kids that daddy defines work, mommy defines home.

This is why little girls grow up thinking they are weak, the thought that a man is what they need for protection is fed in their heads. So the little girls idolize Cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty but never idolize Mulan, a warrior princess.

We are still taught to be quiet. A girl is expected to behave well, talk slowly without being loud, they are expected to walk with elegance, maintain poise alll the time, they must always be presentable, groomed, decked up, powdered etc etc.

Am I denying the fact that things have improved? No, not at all. Yes, we are changing but this process of change is slow, when a change in the society is slow, it tends to ignore a lot of small things that comes with change. So, this is to remind us about all that is being ignored and to let everyone know that we are not a damsel in distress anymore!!

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