A Fresh Start

No point in regretting for things not learnt or left undone..

Start afresh, it’s never too late

Well, my very first post for 2018 🙂

Every time we think of the past year, a lot of us only think of the negatives that we have always been worrying about. I should be honest here, this includes me too. But worrying only puts a lot of pressure in our mind and ensures that we forget the present. If we think  little deep, the only thing that we have missed is what we had expected from 2017.

Be it your relationships, work, promotion, salary hike, family commitments etc =, its basically a standard that we have set up for ourselves. We decided that in 2017 we would get into that dream position that we always wanted or that dream car or that dream house

If i ask a question to define one’s dreams, no one can. Because it changes every day. Our dreams are never constant. We dwell in the dreams of future hoping that the expectations that we have set for this year must come true, instead of realizing that we are losing the time in hand by only dreaming and not achieving it. Many times we realize what we have lost after we check our watch.

And yes, we confine ourselves in a cocoon that is built with the expectation of others from us, we sit inside and dream. The day we decide to come out breaking the shell is when we know that we have lost a lot of time and decide not to work for the dream.

Well, not really. Its never too late to start. There’s no age bar to learn anything that you want to. Its never too late to do what you have always dreamt of doing. Never regret for not trying, relish that you have gained a good experience from it. That’s all it takes!

Am i an exception?? Hell no! This is my resolution for this year.

Live in the present, embrace the unexpected


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