Sheer Genius!


Every human dream big!

Their dreams seem to be consuming almost all their time. Yet, they somehow manage to do their chores. Dreams is what has turned out to be a mode of happiness for a lot of us. Daydreaming – in psychological terms is not encouraged, but yes, a lot of men & women find solace in them.

Those women who have lost their happiness, lead their lives in misery waiting for the daily serials in order compare themselves with the characters shown ; dream that their lives to be the opposite of what is shown

Those women who are unable to bear with the curses and talks around them, that goes on against them for all that is called bad fortune

Those men & women who know that they are living in a crowd full of two faced friends yet don’t have a choice but holding to all those harsh words that are uttered deep in their hearts – crying

Those who have lost their identity to satisfy the standards that were set by an unseen society

Those who give up their actual dreams and regret every day dreaming of the life they yearn for

That guy who was called a failure

That girl who was called a failure

Those kids who were brutally abused

Those men who cry every minute, not knowing how to manage the money that is to be paid for an emergency

Those who live in the best of life that every one envies but yearn for every bit of love

Yes, they are complete genius(s)

It is a big art to smile with all their dreams trashed, live a false life when their actual presence is in their dreams!



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