love goes a long way I trembled when i realized that i didn't have time I shed tears when truth pricked the broken piece that i never appreciated you that i never found time for you I had always thought of what i'am i failed to remember what you are You had been my hope... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Start

No point in regretting for things not learnt or left undone.. Start afresh, it's never too late Well, my very first post for 2018 🙂 Every time we think of the past year, a lot of us only think of the negatives that we have always been worrying about. I should be honest here, this... Continue Reading →

Confess – A story untold

via Daily Prompt: Confess Starry nights Sounds from far away A lone street A walk by herself Like a movie thoughts flashed before her She felt the cold air The wind brushing through her hair As she remembered tears came down from her eyes Truth is heavy But there is a deep hole in it... Continue Reading →

My little Nest

via Daily Prompt: Nest Home swweeet home, a small nest with just us! For a lot of people, having a place on their own for themselves is an achievement. A place that they can be themselves, not worried about the people around, not bothered about the routine work, spending time for themselves, a place that... Continue Reading →

Cloaked skin colour

via Daily Prompt: Cloaked Fair skin in 30 days Beautiful fair complexion in 10 days Atleast one in 10 advertisements focus on products that increase fairness, complexion and increase skin shade. The most surprising factor here is that almost all of us (both men & women) know that it is impossible to lighten the skin... Continue Reading →

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