C’est la vie!

Social media posts need not be perfect always! Coffee or tea or Horlicks - It's your choice and preference. You don't need likes to prove that your life is perfect!! It's beautiful the way it is 🤗 Henceforth, I would be sharing a few confessions and the stories that I had received from people! Share... Continue Reading →

House of T

The House of T has gained a great deal of attention from the time of its inception. The house has been hosting a lot of upcoming artists who have been enthusiastic about their participation. They have set up a great platform for various talents. Elementraits is happy to feature them in Today's 'Find of the... Continue Reading →

Expect the Unexpected

Well, today was a shocker. Sometimes I'm so proud to be called as a HR. I have always ensured that I do my best to help out those I can to the max and that's how my mentors have taught me to be and I have seen all my peers do the same. A surprising... Continue Reading →

Fighting through Life!

When everything around is messed up No strength to go on, All I did is to fight myself When people put me down . I lost myself People thought I’m wrong I doubted myself , Fought myself Just when I was alone I searched those ‘People’, they were no where to be seen I still... Continue Reading →

Fight for yourself!

People judge you every way you are, not knowing what you are going through!! Forget about every eye that's around you, FIGHT BACK by being yourself

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