In the Lone roads of Lemuria #2

#Chapter 2

Sometimes it just happens

John and Veeran looked at each other in shock. John was forced to put a strong face as the case was one of a kind. He examined the box a little more and found a small secret space in which was a pencil sketch of a rose.
Veeran kept looking at the photo, ‘Sir, we found the same photograph in the scene of crime, except the body looks a little different, it’s not the usual crime scenes that I have seen throughout my career’.
‘Call the forensics team and the CIU (Crime Investigation Unit), I want to look at the crime scene myself’ John said. He was very careful not to let anyone in school know the situation.

It was a bright sunny day. The crime scene was typical. Crowds, vultures flying above, the body was covered in roses but on the City’s Garbage Dumpsite. The body looked fresh but pale. Doctor Rajneesh was examining the body.
“Well, look who’s here’ He shouted looking at John.
‘Hey Doc, a very wrong place to exchange pleasantries, don’t you think this scene looks dramatic? Straight from the movies!’ John commented.
‘True that, your killer has a passion towards killing, he has handled her with care’ Dr.Rajneesh continued ‘ I also found something peculiar, a tag tied to her toes, just like a body from the morgue’.
‘A tag?’ John asked surprisingly ‘ Is he planning to sell the body?’
‘Too many questions, let me take the body to the morgue. Why don’t you ask the CIU to completely scan the area and find if they could get any clues’? . Quickly after this, Dr.Rajneesh left the crime scene to conduct an autopsy.

John took a few steps further and investigated the entire area. The little town was plain. No tall structures, it looked poor. This place did not have any CCTV cameras. Anu was killed else where but her body was brought here. He carefully made note of them all in his book.
‘AhhClick here for #chapter 1hhhhhh!!!’ someone screamed. John ran towards the place where the scream came from, it was at the place where the police had parked their cars.
‘What the ****! Where is the body?’ He questioned hurriedly
‘Under the van sir!’ the witness said.
John quickly bent down in shot but looked annoyed when he got up. He took a sharp stick that he could find and hit the van.
To everyone’s surprise, a man came out – unharmed, tall and handsome. All the police saluted him!!
‘You stupid crap, didn’t you find any other place to sleep. Of everyone in the whole wide world, how can you sleep in a crime scene’ John shouted
‘Technically, this is not a crime scene. I reached here as soon as I got the message and examined the area. This is road and there are vehicles here. I’m definitely not disturbing the crime scene’
‘Now I know why Hannah is not interested in you, you are weird. I think its in your genes, I get stuck with your sister and you try to impress mine. Go to hell!’
Sandeep is the District Attorney. He is the second most handsome man in the city after John. Except that he’s a geek, a gadget freak and has eidetic memory (His memory is so damn amazing that can remember almost everything in detail)
He loved taking pictures of the crime scene, although he has eidetic memory. He always chose to examine things himself. John and Sandeep have always been the successful duo.
‘Done taking pics??, let’s go back to our den and check if we could figure out anything from what we have’ John spoke looking at the crime scene again.
Sandeep looked at him and said, ‘Don’t you remember what day it is today??’
John – ‘No’
Sandeep laughed and said ‘ Bliss for me, nightmare for you’
John – ‘Man, was it today??’
Hannah and Lesha cleared their final exam and will be working in the second half of the day at the law and order sector. Both aced their exams. While Hannah toped the test and chose forensics and chemistry, Lesha came in second, chose criminal psychology.

Meanwhile, at the precinct.
Lesha was already jumping up and down to meet the love of her life. In fact, the precinct itself was quite full of her energy. Sandeep and Lesha’s grandfather was a Police General and retired just a year ago in line of duty, so almost every one in the unit knew them.
‘Speak of the devil!’ John was clearly irritated
‘I prefer angels! Sandeep was already in cloud nine seeing Hannah.
Lesha came running towards John, missed hitting him by a second and said, ‘My first salute is for my darling’ and saluted like a pretty doll. Sandeep did his best saving her from John.
‘I’ll take you guys to the rookies meet, John has got a busy day ahead’ Sandeep cleared the air and allowed John to breathe’.
John and Lesha were in love. Well, complicated. She was as hot as fire; he was cold as ice. He was busy at work, she loved him all the time and studied only when she was free!
John sat down, spoke to the CIU who had confirmed that they had found nothing in the crime scene.
Dr.Rajneesh came to John’s desk with a cup of coffee. This was the first time ever that he had ever stepped into a detective’s area. John realised that it was serious.
‘What’s up doc?’
Doctor looked at him ‘Open your mail box please’.
John was surprised ‘ Usually, you guys would take 3 days, now you got it done already??’
‘Under normal circumstances yes, but this was quite interesting. The drama captivated me’ Rajneesh explained with interest ‘The corpse was fresh. I couldn’t stop myself from checking this myself. She was beautifully embalmed and had been presented with such subtility .

‘You sound as if you enjoyed it’ John was annoyed.
‘Not with the murder – the crime scene yes! She had the most painful death, in fact she paid it with extreme pain. I found empty capsules in her stomach, her veins cut, while she was half bleeding, she was injected with something lethal and treated with embalming fluid.’
John couldn’t choose between his best reactions.
‘And one more, there was a tattoo of rose. It looks new, let me check if I could find anything here.’
For some reason, John felt that this was something more.
His mind was pondering over the usual questions, but the case is unusual.

  1. Where did she go for the past 2 days?
  2. Why her? Why the delay ? why did no one notice her gone?
  3. When exactly did she go missing?
  4. What happened – was it a love affair or was it a kidnap
  5. What is the use of the drama?

To be continued...

Click here for #chapter 1


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