Learnt a new skill!!!

In continuation with the wishlist post, I finally managed to learn a new skill!! Well, it was in the month of December 2018, but i’m only penning it now

I was super excited to be part of the workshop, I was so determined to ensure that my wishlist gets completed. So, I chose acrylic painting.

I always have stayed away from painting, but I did want to give it a shot, after all, learning a new skill is always a gain.

Well, I reached – Studio Pepperfry @ 10.45 AM (late as usual). Sree (Our trainer) gave us a quick brief orientation on acrylics, oil painting and basics about painting. He ensured that we understood every fundamentals that is required for a beginner who would want to take up painting.

So, this is how it started, I reached – Studio Pepperfry @ 10.45 AM (late as usual), our teacher was Mr.Seeni Balaji who was so polite to repeat everything that he was teaching the class to ensure that I didn’t feel left out. So the class began with the basics about art, for me it was new. I was once into sketching but never continued, but had ever attempted painting. Painting was absolutely new.   

So, i had to get acquainted to the colors, holding the brush again and experiment the best of it.

So, here it is the model painting!!

I happened to choose Gradient acrylic painting style and ended up being part of an amazing team. We drew the sketch carefully and attempted to paint. Using one color after the other and doing my best to so after hourrs of painting (mostly it was our patient and amazing teacher) i finally finished my painting!!

It was a fresh and an amazing experience. I had spent my day with a lot of amazing people. An excitement to have met new people and experience the bliss of learning a new skill.

and viola!! I know it isn’t perfect but yeah, looking at what I’ve created gives me hope for a fresh start.

So for all those who are interested in learning to paint, please drop in your comments and i’l pass on the contact of my great teacher!!


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