Dear my little princess

This poem was written by me last year. I really want to dedicate this to the Jawans #Pulwama #RIP #Realheroes

Dear my little princess

The day I first met you, I knew

You are mine and I’m your shining knight in armour

Gentle as morning dew was your smile

Elegant as a peacock was your moves

My eyes flooded when you first held my hand

You were confused; yet you smiled back at me

Your smile lit up my world and that very minute

I gave my heart to you

I was young; I never understood anything that you spoke

I took you in my arms and sang a song

that you never understood

When you put head on my shoulders to rest,

a small drop of tear touched my eyes

As you put your arms around me

I knew that I was holding a precious flower

I spent all my time with you for you were my world

Beyond my horizon was a dream to walk with you forever

I wanted everything best to fall on your feet

You composed a new symphony,

a music made with pure love

You took a big step like a wave touching the sea bed,

every other steps were dancing waves

Your smile was so mesmerising like a pearl

shining from an Oyster

Your kisses were divine and pure as a rain drop

Your colours painted my life with colours that I never knew

You turned me into a responsible man child

For I was your playmate, your friend, your Hero

The day I had to let go of you was the day that my heart bled

I had to choose your life over my life

I had to fight to make sure you cuddle safe in bed

I remembered the walks I took with you

I missed your voice yet I heard them in the warzone

I’m scared to think what might happen tomorrow

I’m here to teach you to be loyal to the country

and to be brave

The day you read this, I will be watching over you

From above, smiling at you

Never look back to cry baby

Of everyone you know the life of a soldier

Always remember that you are the apple of my eye

Your crown is always in my heart

You are my reflection

My princess – Never be a damsel in distress,

help the ones who needs help

You are my pride – my little lioness

Wear your confidence;

don’t let your emotions turn to your weakness

Let go of your imagination with faith, hope and love

Be tough as a lightening and gentle as the clouds

Always know that I’m proud of you

You are my dear little princess – My daughter


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