My Wish List #2018

I started this year with a notion of exploring multiple things in life. I wanted to travel alone, explore alone, spend a day for myself, lose weight fast etc etc!

My list doesn’t seem to have a stop. Now that I take a pause to do a reality check, I’ve absolutely not done ANYTHING! In fact, I never completed my wish list. Wishlist is not just a set of penned down activities that think you should do, it is what you really want to do. I kind of skipped most of it, those activities were never ment for me. I dreamt big but I didn’t do anything towards it.

Wishlist cannot be pointless. It must have a meaning. It must have a realistic timeline. It is not created to impress someone. It need not be the same as your friend. Your wishlist must be the set of wishes that you want to do in a particular time.

Wishlist is not a goal, goal is for success, wishes coming true is magic. Yes, wishes makes you create a magical moment that only you can realise. It must relate to what you always want to do.

Wishes can be stupid, something that you want to remember and smile by yourself. It doesn’t have to correlate with the adult in you, it’s ok if you become that little child you once was! Like the beautiful picture above, a small bud, beautiful in its own way!

Err, my wishlist was exhausting but most of them were borrowed! I really didn’t want to go on a trekking this year, I never wanted to be that new person because I forgot myself. I wanted to look different in the mirror – I don’t know where did I get that, in know it’s totally dumb to imagine yourself to be someone else that you don’t know.

I don’t have to earn the title of a real good person by pretending or being someone that I’m not. Maybe I’d rather be myself and get to be known as a horrible person! As long as I walk in the principles that I put for myself and ensure that none is hurt because of me – I’d take the credit of doing a fairly good job!

So, after pondering deep through that list, here are a few that I want to do before 2018 gets over!!

  1. Publish my first book, no matter how difficult it is
  2. Finish a craft project (I learnt them long time back, trust me – any craft that you do for your friends is pure bliss)
  3. Publish at least 50 articles by the end of this year
  4. Overcome that one thing that I’ve been avoiding all this year
  5. Learn a new skill
  6. Create my wish list – 2019

And, here we go.

I know that the list is too long, may be, I cannot finish them, but i want to push myself just a bit, so i could get to at 75% of it. At least, i’d be happy for trying.

Why don’t you give it a shot too? If not many, think of at least one, finish it and give yourself a pat on your back!!!

All the best!


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