It’s OK, there’s always a tomorrow

Tomorrow – It teaches us a lot of things, it is a new beginning. It tells that after the dark lonely night, there is a day that is well lit up. The day that is fresh and is in your hands to paint.

I know it is easy for me to say, but when i think a little deep, i realize that there would be someone out there who needs these words. People call them attention seekers, i see them as the only one’s who can get fresh ideas. They are not stupids or emotional idiots that many call them, they are just like the ugly duckling who was left out.

Ugly duckling was an outcast but it turned out to be the most beautiful of them all. All of us face one such moment where we become the outcast, not trusted by our very own. Sometimes it is your fault, sometimes it is not. You never know why it happens, but it does. It turns you upside down, it doesn’t give you the privilege of explaining yourself. It’s a momentum where nothing falls in place. You are always seen as an epitome of failure. People would call you loser, they term you as good for nothing.

People change. Their colors change. They could show colors that you really wouldn’t want to experience. There could be times that you become the lab rat. Life is never easy, it always puts you down, either your life does or haters do.

At times, one might feel like to have become lost in the ocean of colors, where everything looks the same. Waters everywhere, you don’t know which path to take, you don’t know who to trust, you will have surplus of water but you can never drink, all your efforts turn futile, fear of death and abandonment fills your heart and mind, adding to all these, your boat might start sinking. But just as you accept the end, you see a beautiful persona. Dolphins – they lend you a helping hand, help you as much as they can, take you to someplace safe.

This is exactly how life is, just when you think that you are estranged, you find a beautiful dolphin. When life tears you apart, when every single bit of negativity consumes you, turn around. Take a moment, close your eyes, look around, there would always be someone who gives you hope. That doesn’t have to be solution, but it could help you take a different perception.

Trust me it helps. Stop when you lose hope, close your eyes and look around, you will always find that one small piece that could help you stand up. There is always a tomorrow, that is exclusively crafted for you.

It might not be the day that you want it to be but can be a day that is waiting for you to experience. The experience that only you know.

The tomorrow that you dream of may take a lot of time, but don’t lose hope, It’s OK, there’s always another tomorrow!!


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