Succumb to Pressure – win it or lose it


Hey, are you married??? No, OMG get married soon, i’l pray to GOD that you find someone best!!!

How many years as it been after your marriage!! what?? no kids!!

Be obedient and pray to GOD, things will happen!

Girl child???? 

Why waste money on a girl??

OMG, she is in love?? get her married to someone immediately!!! This is a disgrace!!

Hey, stop being a burden, get married and leave them in peace!

At times, i realize that people around are so worried about our life, when they contributed 0% of goodness or in fact have contributed to anything to your life! But i wonder where they appear from, yet, they make their presence in the worst time ever.

A lot of women succumb to this unwanted talks that a few people think that they are devoted to. Social pressure impact a girl mentally curbing her from pursuing her dreams. Although education throws a larger light on this, the context of the subject still holds the literature content that supports this oppression. In fact, in a lot of remote places in this world, there is still a set of people who’s social system do not consider women’s privacy.

The design of our social strata has been composed in a pattern that women’s right to privacy or right to decisions have always been under radar and has always been subjected to questioning.

However, there has always been exception, one set of women who do not compromise on their value systems, well, times have changed. We make our lives with what we want and what we have learnt. Does it mean that we wouldn’t be able to adjust with our spouse? Not at all, how can not one adjust with their partner? and yes, it is when they find their partner, again of their choice!


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