My little Nest

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Home swweeet home, a small nest with just us!

For a lot of people, having a place on their own for themselves is an achievement. A place that they can be themselves, not worried about the people around, not bothered about the routine work, spending time for themselves, a place that can be called as their little nest.

For a lot of you, this might sound silly. But to many this is a dream or a milestone. To have led a life in control and containment, a life where you dream a lot but can never pursue, decisions that vanish into thin air, cultural values that were enforced among which you wonder why a lot of them are even being followed, boundaries drawn by others for almost everything, never being respected in one’s own family, always suppressed, treated as a burden and questioning every single penny spent.

Well, I definitely don’t mean those bound by love, I only mean those who are forced to be bounded by love. These are the ones that yearn for self respect. The ones that strongly hold to their shattered dreams and hopes. They search for guts to step out and be bold with every steps they take.

A lot of brave women do it. Shout out a loud at the face of the very crowd that thought of them as an ordinary woman. Once they realized the potential of the extraordinary woman, not many can stand against them.

Is this liberation? No

Is this feminism? No

Is it only for women? No

There are a lot of men sacrificing their lives. I don’t refer to the love between couples or women taking care of one’s parents , I refer to those siblings who toil day and night to ensure that they’re family girls are being provided for. Sisters and brothers who take this for granted. Those who refuse to work or don’t want to work but lead the best lives.

It’s high time for the society to stop thrusting this responsibility and take a deep look at this system. Is ruining someone’s life to make another one worth it??? It’s not love, it’s called imprisonment.

Until they come out their imprisonment all they can do is to dream for that freedom to have their own sweet nest!


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