Cloaked skin colour

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Fair skin in 30 days

Beautiful fair complexion in 10 days

Atleast one in 10 advertisements focus on products that increase fairness, complexion and increase skin shade.

The most surprising factor here is that almost all of us (both men & women) know that it is impossible to lighten the skin complexion with anything external. Well, I’m not going to discuss about the scientific reasons behind this, which is definitely melanin but I would like to pen down the social pressure that lies beneath this trend.

For me, the ever beautiful skin color would always be Dusk. The unique shades in dusk has its own sensuality. The mix of vibrant colours to this has always been an epic show. I always find it to be stunning.

But for years, we have only been addictive towards fair skin. Our obsession has ended up with two sections of people. One, accepting what lies inside ; two, a major group notices only the external look.

I happened to meet a 17 year old girl who was very down and her enthusiasm went down to zero. She was lost and clearly was in need of help. She was just the opposite of how she was when I met her last time, she was a very bold, stylish and very brilliant girl. Every single girl in her class was jealous of her. However this time she was had put on a lot of weight and was looking like a different person. I went up to her, initiated my conversation and after which she opened up.

Turns out that she had auditioned for the role of queen in her school drama. She was brutally rejected and insulted by her teachers and school mates. She developed a very inferiority complex and forgot her identity. She was addicted to almost every single ads, tried every product in the market hoping that they would all change her misery

It took a while to get her back to herself, the teachers never helped but her sister did and somehow she was back to herself with fierce.

Like I always say, beauty is always misunderstood. In fact I think in a world where people’s thoughts are unpredictable , the only thing that keeps us going is by believing ourselves!

Is our skin colour that worth to demean someone???? Well, my opinion is explained in write up, time for you to think!


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