Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser Review

wp-image--1482517021Well, i had this great experience of visiting the Forest Essentials Store and purchased a few amazing products that i personally liked. FE has always stood up to their claims, their products have always been amazing 🙂

Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser Review – 200 ml Priced @ Rs. 1,175

They do have a 100 ml pack, you can always reach out to them for better clarification.

How to use:

Take a coin sized cleanser apply it on the damp skin, massage for a minute, rinse with water, pat dry


Mild, pleasant fragrance
Does not foam much, but still leaves skin squeaky clean without feeling dry and helps acne oily, acne prone skin
Using with gentle 1 minute massage, face looks clearer

Overall Comments

4.8 out of 5 – -.2 for the packaging of the 100 ml bottle but for that nothing negative at all!

Will i repurchase it again – yes, absolutely!!





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